Friday, January 13, 2006


Poetry is the language of the human soul, the song of blood pumping and thought aspiring to become reality and it is also the triumph and tragedy and suffering and beauty of our human experience all rolled into one SONG..REAL LIFE!

“We sing our love of life and life of love that many ordinary people merely speculate upon but never attain, even though it is just a heart beat away from belonging to them.”

Once a man wrote poetry for his friends, but they were all too busy to stop to listen to what he had written. So, he went up on top of a mountain and read his poems to the angels and to the God of heaven. When the people learned that God and the angels had liked what he had read to them, then his friends wanted to hear what he had written too.

Born in 1945, S. R. Lavin has been widely published in the U.S. as well as internationally in England, China, Poland, Israel, Japan and The Netherlands. Among his books are LET MYSELF SHINE (Kulchur Press, 1979), THE STONECUTTERS AT WAR WITH THE CLIFF DWELLERS (Heron Press, 1971), I and You (an original version of Martin Buber’s Ich und Du, METACOMET: The Saga of King Philip, and JOURNEY TO A LONE STAR (Four Zoas Press, 1976), BIG MEADOW/NEW RIVER (Jerusalem House, 1978).

S. R. Lavin (aka Sholom) was founding editor and publisher of The FOUR ZOAS Journal of Poetry and Letters, a five time recipient of N.E.A. Grants in Literature (USA) and winner of the prestigious Leonardo de Vinci Cultural Achievement Award (Florence, Italy). He has also written ABIDING IN THE VINE: A Look into Life in The Twelve Tribes Communities (about a controversial communal society of “believers” who have homes and cafés in nine countries on four continents…see
He is actively writing and gives poetry workshops and readings at colleges and high schools.
Workshops are interactive, person to person, in classrooms or private settings. Students and writers can share their work and receive inspiration, academic direction and practical advice for writing effectively.

Performance “readings” are for an audience to hear original poems and songs in classrooms, coffee houses, theaters or any kind of space designed for listening and enjoying and to be affected by what people experience through my writings.
Contact: S. R. Lavin My fees are negotiable with consideration for traveling, lodging and other related expenses.